Thanksgiving isn’t just about turkey and pie

It’s a beautiful, sunny day in San Francisco and I got up early to make pumpkin pies and Oreo turkeys (more on that later, with pictures!).

This year Jay and I will miss celebrating Thanksgiving with our families in Kansas. But we’re together, in our city, in our home. Later today we’ll be stuffing our faces and enjoying the company of our best friends, making some new friends and reuniting with old ones.

This morning, I’m feeling thankful; which makes sense, it is Thanksgiving after all. I feel thankful, and lucky to have Jay in my life. My husband is one of my favourite people. I truly enjoy being with him. He makes me feel loved, and he makes me laugh. He’s a warm, caring man who secretly loves to cuddle on the couch with the Cody Monster. I know he’s going to be a great father – loving and supporting – helping our child experience all that makes life amazing and wonderful.

I’m also thankful for all our friends and family and their support during our adoption journey.┬áIt’s been a rough couple years for us, trying, unsuccessfully to start our family. But today, I’m also feeling hopeful. Hopeful that someday soon we will be a family of three.