Birthdays are more fun with a pink, glittery dolphin cake

Last year, right after celebrating her fourth birthday, our niece Ellerie said to Auntie Staci, “Maybe next year we could do a dolphin cake?”

So this year, for her fifth birthday party, Staci went all out. The instructions were pretty clear, it has to be a dolphin, it has to be pink, and maybe there could be some sparkles and some swirls…

Pink, glittery dolphin cake.

Pink, glittery dolphin cake.

Here are the instructions Staci followed to construct the dolphin cake. It involved two 9″ rounds, a ton of homemade frosting and thisĀ dolphin cake template. It really was pretty easy to create.

Staci loves baking and decorating cakes. She remembers all the fun times she and her mom had making birthday cakes for her younger sisters. In fact, Staci loved decorating cakes so much that her first job in high school was working at Baskin Robbins. It took her a few years, but she finally got promoted to cake decorator!