Gotcha Party!

Because I wasn’t pregnant I felt awkward about having a baby shower before we had a baby at home. I was worried about how I would feel and what I would do if the birth mother changed her mind and decided to keep her baby.

But now that Miss Mabel Jane is in our home I’ve been thinking about how to celebrate her arrival. Instead of a baby shower, which is really more geared toward the expecting parents, we are planning a “Gotcha Party.”

Mabel Jane's hands

What’s a Gotcha Party? Well, it’s a day celebrated by families of adopted children to recognize the day they received the child. And often, it’s the day the adoption is finalized in court. ┬áSo that’s what we’re planning for Miss Mabel, a Gotcha Party on the day her adoption is finalized. In California, this is a minimum of six months from now, but apparently, the courts are backed up and it may be more like seven or eight months. Regardless, as soon as we know more about her court date we’ll begin planning her party!

Can’t wait!