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Gotcha Party!

Because I wasn’t pregnant I felt awkward about having a baby shower before we had a baby at home. I was worried about how I would feel and what I would do if… Continue reading

It’s official – We’re matched!

It’s a pretty big deal to be marked officially “matched” with a birth mother on our agency’s website. We’ve finally made it! This means we’re “going steady” and committed to this birth mom… Continue reading

We need your help!

Please help us spread the word! We need your help connecting with a birthmother. Please Tweet, Like, Share, +, Pin and e-mail this page to everyone you know.

We’re on the list!

We’ve been in “outreach” hoping to connect with a birthmother since May 2012. But we’ve been trying to start our family since May of 2008! We’ve waited a long time…So we decided it… Continue reading

Couples use social media to find ‘open adoption’ opportunities

Post by Staci Ohhh how I love Twitter. Long story short, a woman who follows me on my professional Twitter account saw me Tweet about our adoption and asked if we would be… Continue reading

9 Famous People Who Were Adopted

There are quite a few well-known celebrities that were adopted. Here’s nine of them… 1. Dave Thomas 2. Deborah Harry 3. Steve Jobs 4. Scott Hamilton 5. Faith Hill 6. Jamie Foxx 7. Nelson Mandela 8. Sarah McLachlan… Continue reading

Interesting facts about adoption

It’s surprising how little most people know about adoption, despite the fact that “about 60% of Americans have a personal connection to adoption” (according to the Adoption Institute’s 1997 Benchmark ‪Adoption‬ Survey). What… Continue reading