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5 Things We Learned About Car Seats and the Fiat 500

Since we decided to put our names on the immediate hospital placement list we need to be prepared for a call at any moment… Which means we needed a car seat! We really… Continue reading

Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you.

Once open a time… Staci worked for Lucasfilm. It was awesome. Just so we’re perfectly clear about our intentions, our child will be introduced to Star Wars with Episode IV: The New Hope.

Hello Seattle!

We love the Pacific Northwest, particularly Seattle. This year, we had the chance to come up to Seattle for the 360 Intersect Conference. We visited with old friends, made some new friends, drank delicious… Continue reading

New hobby!

We’ve added a new hobby to our list of reasons why we LOVE living in Northern California! We drove up to Tahoe and spent the weekend with Jay’s sister, brother-in-law and our two… Continue reading

San Francisco has the best parks!

Alta Vista Park, located in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, is probably the most amazing park we’ve ever seen. It features a kids’ playground with three different play structures, a sand lot,… Continue reading

A quick trip to Kansas and some DQ, Oh my!

Dairy Queens are few and far between in the Bay Area so stopping to get a chocolate-covered ice cream cone during a visit to Grandma and Grandpa Baird’s in Kansas is a real… Continue reading

We’re great big science nerds

We’re great big science nerds and we aren’t afraid to admit it! We’re members of the Cal Academy of Sciences in San Francisco and love to visit often. We believe in learning through exploration… Continue reading

Getting into the game


Just another beautiful Saturday in California

This weekend we celebrated Jay’s sister’s birthday with a little trip up to wine country. The weather was beautiful, and we took advantage of it by having a picnic and soaking up a… Continue reading

Visiting the Jelly Belly Factory

We took a day trip to Fairfield, Calif. to tour the Jelly Belly Factory. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a production day, but we did get to see some robots dance!