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Hi! We’re Jay & Staci.

Learn more about us. Click here to download our Dear Birthmother Letter
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We want to grow our family by welcoming another baby through open adoption.

Family is very important to us, and adoption has always been a part of it. Jay and his sister were both adopted and so were Staci’s cousins. Our daughter Mabel joined us through open adoption in 2013.

If our family seems like a good fit for you, we’d love to connect! You can reach us directly at 415-935-1759 or baby@jayandstaci.com.

If you’re pregnant and considering making an adoption plan for your child, please consider contacting Adoption Connection at 1-800-972-9225 or families@adoptionconnection.org for more information. They are wonderful people who are available to support you no matter what you decide to do.