Meet Jay

Staci laughing

I was born in Iowa and adopted when I was a month old. Being adopted has always been a part of who I am and I’m so happy to have the family I do. When I was six my family moved to Greenville, South Carolina, which I now consider my “hometown.” I love southern cooking, southern hospitality, and at times can even speak “southerner.” I’ve always wanted to fly airplanes and live in California. I’m happy that I now get to do both!

I work for Rackspace Hosting where I help build iPhone and iPad applications. I’m lucky to have a somewhat flexible schedule that will allow me to be around when I’m needed, which I’m sure is a lot when a baby joins us. When I’m not working, I’m studying to be a flight instructor. Staci loves going flying with me, even if it’s just for a short flight around the Bay Area. We love taking day trips to cities around the West Coast constantly searching for the best cheeseburger in the world.

Staci says…

We started out as friends. We met through a mutual friend in Lawrence, KS when I was in grad school. It wasn’t until Jay accepted a job in Tennessee that we realized we missed each other. Jay came back to visit a couple months after he had moved and decided we had to be together.

I realized that I was in love with Jay when I saw him walk through the gate at the Kansas City airport. We had been friends for more than a year, but after he moved to Tennessee, I hadn’t seen or talked to him in two months. Suddenly, I just felt this warmth…. He was walking toward me with this big grin on his face and all I wanted to do was hug him. It took us a few days, we talked and talked and talked and then I told him I needed him to kiss me. Because I just needed to know if there was anything there. Sure enough, there were sparks! It was literally the Fourth of July in Kansas and the fireworks went off.

Jay has amazing eyes. He smiles with his eyes. His eye colour changes too – we joke that it changes with his mood. Sometimes his eyes are green, sometimes they’re grey and sometimes they have sparks of yellow in them. You can read a lot in his eyes.

What I love about Jay is his soft side. He’d do anything for his family and friends. He’s always very supportive of me and makes me feel loved. Our relationship is amazing because we are connected. We share the same values and life goals – like having a family, living in a big city and experiencing all that life has to offer. We respect each other as individuals and give each other room to grow and learn. Jay’s also very social, for a geek. He lights up a room with his eyes and his smile when he walks in. His warm personality, humor and sincerity endears him to everyone who meets him. Jay loves people! I feel lucky to be the girl he picked, he could’ve had anyone.


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