Thoughts on parenting

Auntie Staci baked and decorated French toast cupcakes for niece Ellerie’s fourth birthday party.
Staci designed and made an airplane cake for Jay’s birthday.
Staci helped decorate Dora The Explorer cupcakes for Mia’s second birthday.

We both want to share in the childcare duties and play an active role in our child’s daily life. We want to celebrate the little things and revel in all the wonderful things that make life, well, life.

Jay’s more of a kind-hearted, but firm disciplinarian, Staci’s a bit of a softy. But we figure between the two of us, it will all balance out.

We want to raise our child to become a healthy, happy adult. So that’s part of the foundation we want to provide them.

We believe in eating healthy (most of the time). We eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and fish in our house. And of course, there’s the occasional splurge for ice cream or cupcakes. But they’re treats we really enjoy because we don’t eat them all the time.

We recently joined a really nice community center near our house and we can’t wait to take our child to swimming lessons and yoga. We also enjoy walking the dog and exploring our city and neighboring lakes, mountains and trails.

We both believe strongly in the healing power of a good cry and a good laugh. We tell a lot of jokes and like to give each other a hard time. It’s all in good fun! We love going to see Disney and Pixar movies on the big screen, riding roller coasters at Disneyland and playing board games with our friends and famiy. Life is meant to be enjoyed and we plan to enjoy every minute of it!

We also enjoy the adventure in trying something new. We want our child to know that curiousity is a good thing! When the time comes, we would love to send our child to a Montessori School. We believe the best learning is through exploration and that learning is a 24 hour process. We’re members of the California Academy of Science and the Exploritorium – both fun, hands-on science musuems where learning about science is an interactive experience.