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Hi! We’re Jay & Staci.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 11.53.52 PMWe want to grow our family by welcoming another baby through open adoption.

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We live 45 minutes northeast of Los Angeles with our two year old daughter, Mabel and our dog, Cody.

Family is very important to us, and adoption has always been a part of it. Jay and his sister were both adopted and so were Staci’s cousins. Mabel joined us through open adoption in 2013.

We have an amazing connection with Mabel’s birth mother. We stay in touch via text and regularly share photos and videos of Mabel. Two or three times a year we all get together for dinner. Our relationship with Mabel’s birth mom is very important to us and one reason we chose open adoption again. We want our children to know as much as possible about their birth family.

We admire you for considering to place your child for adoption. If our family seems like a good fit for you, we’d love to connect and learn more about you! You can reach us directly at 415-935-1759 or baby@jayandstaci.com.

If you’re pregnant and considering making an adoption plan for your child, please consider contacting Adoption Connection at 1-800-972-9225 or families@adoptionconnection.org for more information. They are wonderful people who are available to support you no matter what you decide to do.