Family is important to both of us, and adoption has always been a part of our families’ stories. Jay and his sister are both adopted and so are Staci’s cousins. Adoption was the obvious choice for us to build our family.


The Aspiring Big Sister

Our daughter, Mabel Jane was born in August of 2013 and joined our family though open adoption. She is the happiest, chattiest kid, ever! She loves reading, counting, climbing, twirling and singing.

Mabel is a compassionate, curious child who loves to read books, do puzzles and draw. She attends a small in-home preschool three days a week. She gets to socialize with other kids and prepare for kindergarten.

She has a big heart and a sweet personality. She readily gives hugs and kisses to her family and friends. We know she will be the most amazing, caring big sister!

Our dog, Cody.

Our Easy-Going Dog, Cody aka “Doggie”

Cody is an 11 year old lab mix. He’s the most gentle, easy-going dog we have every met. He loves chasing balls, squirrels and gophers, and he’s great with kids.

Cody is very excited about welcoming a baby into the family. He loves the extra crumbs and belly pets!