Meet Staci

Jay and Staci
Growing up I knew I wanted to explore the world. I grew up in Topeka, Kansas (yes, as in Dorothy, Toto and the Wizard), but I’ve been able to live in some amazing cities like Seattle, Knoxville and New York City. But now I’m so happy that I get to call the Bay Area my home.

I love singing and dancing to Disney songs around the house, and I can often be found baking or decorating cakes or cupcakes for my family’s birthdays and holidays.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I love creating costumes for the family and decorating our house.

I’m also learning how to fly!

I currently work part-time so I can focus on my favorite job – being a Mommy. I get to help Mabel during her gymnastics classes and spend time teaching her how to swim. I organize a lot of playdates throughout the week with our friends too.

Snuggling up with Mabel and reading books is one of my favorite things to do!

Jay says… 

The first time I actually met Staci was at a bar in Lawrence, KS called the Cadillac Ranch. It’s about as awesome as it sounds. Big dance floor, small bar area. It hosted more country/western nights than I like, but Staci lives for dancing and unfortunately, dancing to country music. Staci isn’t afraid to take charge and get what she wants. In fact, I think one of her goals was to get me to dance, which she did, a lot. In fact our “song” is Madonna’s Like A Prayer, to which there was much dancing and singing out loud (very loud) to at the Cadillac Ranch. It was also our first dance song at our wedding reception. For reals.

I think the biggest thing I loved and still love about her is that she can make me laugh. I’m always the one trying to get others to laugh, but she would always turn this back around on me. She has a sense of impropriety that I actually love. I guess that’s another reason why I love her so much. She wants to be happy and is doing what it takes to get to that goal. It makes her confident, and crazy sexy.

I guess the rest of this will probably just devolve into a list, but it’s a good list!

  • She’s incredibly smart, but modest.
  • Her loyalty to her family is something I’ve only seen in myself, I love that she cares about family with such passion.
  • Passion. It’s a big thing with us and something we share. We don’t wait around for things to happen to us. If we know what we want we go get it with all of our effort.
  • All the 1,000’s of adorable, endearing things she does everyday. She meows like a cat instead of using her words; she is cold all the time; which means that she’s always snuggling against myself and/or the dog; she tolerates me playing video games; and she loves flying with me as her personal pilot.

It’s hard putting this in to words because so much of our relationship is just something that we know. I feel like knowing her and being with her is in my bones. I know that sounds incredibly cliched, but it’s the truth. I’ve never had that with someone before. I like it.

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