Thoughts on parenting

Everyone is a unique individual, and we don’t think there is one “right’ way to parent. Our basic approach to parenting is to teach our children to be kind, considerate and respectful of other people’s feelings and grow up to be the best adults they can be.

We both believe strongly in the healing power of a good cry and a good laugh. We tell a lot of jokes and like to give each other a hard time. It’s all in good fun!

Jay and Staci with Yoda

Life is meant to be enjoyed and we plan to enjoy every minute of it! We love that parenting gives us an opportunity to explore the world and learn as our children learn. Our family loves Disney and Pixar movies, riding roller coasters at Disneyland, reading books and flying around California in our airplane.

Staci designed and made an airplane cake for Jay’s birthday.

We enjoy the adventure in trying something new, and want our children to experience as many different people, places and things as possible, so they grow up appreciating all that our community has to offer.